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The Smart Way to Manage Radiation Protection Inventory

The Smart Way to Manage Radiation Protection Inventory

SmartID is a web-based inspection and inventory asset management system for radiation protection apparel. Each item comes tagged with a unique QR code that can be scanned with any mobile device’s QR code reader to record inventory and inspection information for each piece.

The web-based database, complete with product details and inspection report history, is fully accessible—without special software or scanning equipment—to staff as well as The Joint Commission (TJC) inspectors.

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Why Choose SmartID?

  • No special software or equipment is needed.
  • Maintain a cumulative record of inspection dates, cleaning logs, and results for each product in your customers’ inventory.
  • Manage the inspection process through your personal computer, laptop, or mobile device.
  • Both standard and custom migration assistance is available.
  • With the cloud-based storage capabilities of SmartID, you can be confident knowing that your customers’ inventory inspection reports are safely stored and accessible at all times.

SmartID Tag + Smartphone = Easy Inventory Tracking

The built-in inspection history record distinguishes SmartID from other systems. The inspection history report maintains a cumulative record of inspection dates and results for each product in inventory. Your customers can easily print or export the data to a spreadsheet as needed. The system can also be used to manage the inspection process with customizable parameters such as reminder dates when products in inventory are due for inspection.

Maintain Compliance with Safety Requirements

SmartID allows The Joint Commission (TJC) inspectors to validate inspection procedures and item status without physically being on-site at hospitals and imaging facilities to conduct audit and accountability inspections. Your customers can maintain compliance with safety requirements for radiation protection materials and improve safety standards within your facilities beyond TJC inspections.

examples of SmartID shown on multiple devices