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Ultra comfort, ultra protection. As its name suggests, the Ultra blends comfort features with superior protective qualities to make this eyewear a must-have in the radiological suite. Wearers with small facial structures will appreciate the flex hinges and convenient head strap that keeps the frame closer to the face. Non Prescription (plano) lenses contain an applied antireflective coating to eliminate glare, while the large contoured lenses increase visibility and protection without the need for side shields. The ultrasoft flex temples ensure a comfortable fit, regardless of procedure length. More suitable for smaller faces.

Offers .75mm protection. Weight 51g.

Some prescriptions and pupillary distance may not be suitable for this frame. Add power must be included for Bifocal and Progressive prescriptions.

Pupillary distance is needed for all prescription eyewear.

Custom Engraving is not available on this product.