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Body Sentry™

Body Sentry™ is ideal for interventional cardiologists, radiologists, orthopaedic surgeons, urologists and neurosurgeons who perform prolonged fluoroscopies requiring the use of lead shielding. There’s no installation and is shipped fully assembled. Offers 0.5mm to 1mm Pb protection with full face and head protection. Adjusts to a range of user sizes and accommodates sterile fields without contamination. This product supports all the shielding weight on frames that effortlessly “walk” around the room with you. Available only in royal blue color as shown.


  • 1.6mm lead glass face shield
  • 0.5mm Pb or greater protection from head to foot
  • Side shield protects arms without restricting function
  • 6 separate overlapping 0.5mm Scatter Sentry panels assessed from 70 to 110kV


  • Telescoping frame adjusts from 59”–78” (150-198cm) high
  • Effortless movement on large hospital grade casters
  • Open back, walk-in design for easy entry/exit
  • Easily guided with forearms to move around freely
  • Simple to adjust using lever to push up or down


  • Custom fit sterile covers encase both the inner and outer surfaces
  • ‘Arm tunnels’ through which the user extends gloved and gowned arms
  • Additional disposable sterile covers available