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Hand Sentry

Protection For Your Hands And Forearms

In catheterization procedures the hands typically receive the highest radiation dose because they are closest to the scatter emitted from imaged regions within the patient. Hand Sentry provides a protected position for the hands during catheterizations without interfering with imaging or with the surgical field. Hand Sentry is supported by a radiolucent carbon fiber base that slips between the tabletop and the table pad.

The Femoral version adjusts vertically to hold it over the patient’s lower abdomen to protect physician’s hands working at the groin during femoral catheterizations.

The Brachial version is positioned vertically at the side of the patient to protect hands during brachial or radial vessel catheterizations.

Both versions block scatter from the patient with a 0.5 mm Pb shield. Both are supplied with custom fitted, disposable sterile covers to prevent contamination of the sterile field. Both models are easily positioned, adjusted and removed as needed for maximum protection without interference.

Protected by US Patent # 8835887