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Style Report: Radiation Protection—and Inspiration

Do You Love Following Fashion and Style Trends?

We do too—but this style report, unlike most—no offense, also offers substance because Bar-Ray’s apron collection incorporates both style and function! Our apron styles are not only colorful and customized, but they offer unparalleled radiation protection for today’s medical professionals.

Bar-Ray aprons offer radiation protection in:

How many unique combinations are possible? If we’ve done our math correctly, there are 63,750 different variations of Bar-Ray aprons. (Can we say, “Wow?!”)

Here are just five of those options to highlight the range of available styles and, perhaps, to provide some inspiration as well.


Vari-Flex Apron in Sports Fabric1. O.R. Flex, Football Style

Ideal for surgical settings, the O.R. Flex Apron is designed for a male but could easily be customized for a female as well. When this protective apron is worn under your surgical gown, all you need to do when you’re ready for removal is ask an assistant to pull the tabs at your shoulders. It only takes one quick yank, and the apron drops to the floor so you can continue your work, and you are still sterile. 

Additionally, this apron incorporates Vari-Flex’s stretch-back design for a snug fit and better weight distribution for neck and back comfort.


Comfort Wrap Apron in Eiffel Tower fabric2. Comfort Wrap, in Back-Saving, Parisian Style

The Comfort Wrap with its 6”-wide elastic belt is literally a back-saver. That’s because the belt serves double duty as a snug back brace as it transfers the garment’s weight from your shoulders to your hips. And, why not customize it with this stylish Parisian print? The hearts could remind you that you’re showing your back some love, while the mini Eiffel Towers could remind you of going “back” to Paris one day. And isn’t Paris the heart of the fashion world? There are even a pocket and shoulder pads for extra-comfy details.

Fashion tip: This fabric print is found under “Fun and Fashion” in the collection, “A Girl’s Best Friend.”


Deluxe Apron3. Deluxe—But Hold the Calories

A universal apron style (or in style terms, a “classic”), the Deluxe Apron is a step-up from our Standard Apron. When you hear the word, “Deluxe,” do your thoughts turn to delicious and deluxe breakfast and brunch dishes like ours do? Celebrate your love of all things bacon and eggs, or doughnuts—or both via the “pick two” fabric options. You’ll be sure to turn heads with this stylish, personality-filled fashion choice.

Stylish details that make this apron a workhorse include a 2”-wide belt with an easy buckle closure, as well as a shoulder strap that helps keep this protective garment’s shoulders in place. 

Fashion tip: This apron features two fabric swatches in the “Fun and Fashion” line within the popular “Food” collection.


Vari-Flex Apron in Pink4. Vari-Flex: A Very, Berry Good Choice

Maybe you’re not into prints. We get that. You can still make a very—or should we say “berry”—good fashion choice with this berry-colored (#35) fabric in Bar-Ray’s Vari-Flex Apron. All fun puns asides, this snug, comfy apron moves with you, thanks to its crisscross back and hook-and-loop fasteners at the hips. The added stretch back offers bonus back support, all while offering excellent radiation protection.

Fashion tip: Within Bar-Ray’s 425 fabric choices, there are 34 beautiful solid colors to customize your apron with the color of your dreams.


Surgical Drop-off Apron5. Surgical Drop Off with a Citrus Splash

Did you know Bar-Ray offers many anti-microbial Polyurethane choices, including this bright and clean citrus color? Shown here in our popular Surgical Drop Off Apron, this stylish protective garment slides under your surgical scrubs. Two straps cross in the back and secure with hook-and-loop fasteners at the hips. Just pull the tabs for easy-release, and the entire garment slides to the floor. It reminds us of the thrill of peeling an orange, all in one piece.

Fashion tip: Look for the anti-microbial collection within Bar-Ray’s 425 fabric swatches. This color (#73) is flecked with bright bursts of lemon yellow.


And a bonus fashion tip: All of Bar-Ray’s aprons can be customized with our trademarked Aerated Apron Option!