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SmartID™ Explained: Info & Inspo

Learn Why SmartID™ Is the Smart Way to Manage Your Products 

What does it mean when a product or service is trademarked? The short answer is this: That item or idea is so unique and one-of-a-kind that it deserves the exclusivity and protection of a trademark.

It also means that the creators were inspired by a brand-new thought or idea, never before discovered!

You’ll find the trademark symbol ™ on numerous Bar-Ray products and services we’ve developed over the past 90 years. We’d like to think that our longevity as a company has something to do with our innovative spirit.

SmartID™ is one of these innovative trademarks.


What is SmartID™?

SmartID™ is a web-based inspection and inventory asset management system for radiation protection products. 

Just like each of us have a unique ID (identity) as a human being, each piece of Bar-Ray’s radiation protection also has a unique ID. And SmartID™ is built into every piece of Bar-Ray’s radiation protection products.


SmartID™: Explaining the Name

  • “Smart” because it can be used with a smartphone (or any mobile device)
  • “Smart” because it manages your inventory for you
  • “ID” because every piece of your radiation protection is unique 
  • “ID” because each piece has a unique history of use within your facility


How Does SmartID™ Work?

  • There are no hidden costs! SmartID™ is built into every Bar-Ray item.
  • No special software or equipment is needed!
  • Each Bar-Ray item comes tagged with a unique QR code that can be scanned with any mobile device’s QR code reader or managed through a desktop computer.
  • Scanning records inventory and inspection information for each piece into a database.
  • Your SmartID™ database is fully accessible, without special software or scanning equipment, to staff as well as The Joint Commission (TJC) inspectors.
  • SmartID™ manages the inspection process through your personal computer or mobile device.


Going Deeper: More SmartID™ Info

  • SmartID™ does not require any start-up, monthly, or annual hidden costs. 
  • The built-in inspection history record distinguishes SmartID™ from other systems.
  • Need to add labels to the aprons in your existing inventory? Bar Ray personnel can visit your facility to assist you with the label application process personally. 
  • There is no charge for the labels to tag existing aprons. 
  • With the cloud-based storage capabilities of SmartID™, you can have confidence knowing that your inventory inspection reports are safely stored and accessible at all times.
  • You can easily print or export SmartID™’s data to a spreadsheet as needed.
  • SmartID™ can also manage the inspection process with customizable parameters such as reminder dates or the sending of notifications when products in inventory are due for inspection.
  • Color-coded rings indicating the year the aprons were last tested are available—contact us for more information. 


For questions or more information about SmartID™, call 800-359-6115 or email smartid@bar-ray.com.

Please visit SmartID™ for more details or to login.