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FAQ Guide: Top Questions About Shipping, Delivery, Cleaning, Care, Warranties, and More

Since 1930, Bar-Ray has been at the forefront of developing and manufacturing innovative radiation protection products. As a company, we take pride in our products’ quality and capacity to meet the demands of clinical environments. 

Have questions about Bar-Ray’s policies? We are here to help in the continued care of our products once they leave our hands and are delivered into yours. We’ve compiled this handy guide to walk you through some of the most frequently asked questions.


What is the ordering and shipping timetable?

Bar-Ray’s stock items are shipped within one business day of receiving your completed order. Bar-Ray’s made-to-order items will ship within six weeks of receiving your completed order.

How are Bar-Ray products shipped?

Bar-Ray ships all products via Federal Express ground unless otherwise specified. Customers are responsible for notifying the seller of any shipping damage or missing items within five business days of receipt of shipment. For additional information, see Shipping.

What is Bar-Ray’s warranty policy?

Please note: All of the above warranties do not cover damage resulting from normal wear, abuse, abrasion, or failure to follow care and use instructions.

For additional warranty information, see our Terms and Conditions.

How does Bar-Ray handle repairs to aprons under warranty? 

Bar-Ray will only repair aprons manufactured by Bar-Ray within five years of the purchase date. There will be no charge if your apron’s repair is deemed a warranty issue related to a manufacturer’s defect. 

Does Bar-Ray offer alteration services?

Yes! The following information pertains only to tailored aprons: Alterations are free within the first 60 days of purchase. After 60 days, alteration charges go into effect. No alterations will be made on aprons more than six months from the purchase date. Click here for the full list of alteration services and corresponding prices.

Can accessories be added to my apron?

Yes. We are happy to add accessories to an existing Bar-Ray apron within the first six months of purchase.

I would like to have the Velcro, binding, stitching, or straps replaced on my apron—is this possible?

Yes! Bar-Ray is happy to replace Velcro on aprons that are no more than five years old. Additionally, aprons can be returned to Bar-Ray for minor repairs to the binding, stitching, and outer straps for up to five years from the purchase date.

Does Bar-Ray offer cleaning services in conjunction with repairs?

Yes! Bar-Ray has a relationship with Radiological Care Services (RCS), the world’s first full-service company dedicated to protective X-ray garments and wearables. Any apron needing a repair or alteration after 60 days of purchase will be sent to RCS for deep cleaning prior to Bar-Ray’s repairs or alterations. For a detailed listing of repairs and cleaning processes, see Bar-Ray and RCS Initiative for Cleaning and Repairing Aprons.

My medical facility would like to dispose of an old apron. Does Bar-Ray take old garments for disposal?

Yes. We are committed to making the disposal of your old garments as easy as possible. Aprons, thyroid shields, accessories, and drapes may be disposed. For disposal fees and more information, see the Disposals section on our Terms & Conditions page.

Have additional questions? See Bar-Ray’s full Terms and Conditions here

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