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Fall Fashion: Autumn Inspiration and Radiation Protection

Do You Love Following Fashion and Style Trends?

It’s fall wardrobe season—so throw on a cardigan and check out this radiation protection style report, filled with autumn-themed inspiration!

If fall is “your season,” why not celebrate it on the job? Embrace autumn with Bar-Ray’s fall-themed radiation protection—and at the same time, protect yourself with the brand most-trusted across the globe and bring seasonal joy to your patients.

All of Bar-Ray’s apron styles are completely customizable, offering colorful creativity with the assurance of unparalleled radiation protection for today’s medical professionals.

Did you know? All Bar-Ray aprons can be customized with the following choices:

As examples, we had fun designing five fun options for the fall:

Vari-Weight Very Wild1. Vari-Weight, Very Wild

Vari-Weight goes wild with a leopard print. The fall colors coordinate with your favorite fall fashions—but animal prints are classics that can be worn year-round too. Why is Vari-Weight one of our most popular aprons? Not only is it cost-effective, but it’s super comfortable, with an easy on-and-off style. It’s so easy, dare we say, you might feel as lithe as a leopard slipping in and out of this style!

Fabric: Check out our Animal Prints collection to tame the tiger, go for the giraffe, or love the leopard.


Standard Skulls2. Standard Skulls

Let’s just go straight to Halloween, you say? Even though this is our Standard apron, we like to think of it as setting the standard for radiation protection. And there’s nothing standard about this fabric choice: spooky cool skulls with glowing orange eyes! Available in .50mm or .35mm protection, this classic apron is both cost-efficient and effective. And skulls are perfect for medical professionals who wish every day was Halloween.

Fabric: Let your creative skills go crazy over Skulls—there’s an entire collection!


Comfort Wrap, Blanket Style3. Comfort Wrap, Blanket Style

Love classic Indian blankets and afghans? You’ll love The Comfort Wrap in a snazzy blanket design, including a pumpkin-orange color. With its 6”-wide elastic belt serving double-duty as a back brace, this apron style is literally a back-saver. It offers full-length, wrap-around protection from scatter radiation, yet cozy details including a pocket and shoulder pads.

Fabric: Discover this one under “Plaids.”


Deluxe Love for Doggies4. Deluxe Love for Doggies

Just as dogs are universally loved, the Deluxe apron is a classic, universal apron style that’s a step-up from our Standard apron. Not to mix our animal metaphors, but the Deluxe apron is a workhorse, given its 2”-wide belt with an easy buckle closure, a shoulder strap, and a hook-and-loop fastener strap that wraps securely across the back. Customize it in this fun fall-colored pawprint design. The happy colors are sure to make “ruff” days better.

Fabric: “Petcetera” is one of our biggest collections, featuring everything from barnyard buddies to woodland creatures, with kitty and canine lovers covered too.


Diamond Back, Fashion Forward5. Diamond Back, Fashion Forward

With an autumn-yellow background, this print kicks your fashion sense into high gear. Lots and lots of shoes are sprinkled across the fabric! Talk about a conversation starter for your patients. Our Diamond Back apron offers radiation protection with a lighter load since it uses less fabric than traditional wrap-around styles. The diamond-shaped design is a gem of an apron style because its 2”-wide belt cleverly pulls through the apron’s side.

Fabric: Found at the top of our fabric list, “A Girl’s Best Friend” fabric collection includes this shoe-tastic choice.

Finally, a few more fashion notes:

  • We offer a rainbow of solid color choices too!
  • Anti-microbial polyurethane options are also available.
  • Not into fall? Go straight to winter styles fresh as a snowflake if you choose.
  • The options are truly endless, so feel free to customize your apron and let your personality shine.
  • See all fabric swatches here.

We love to see your creativity, so take a photo in your apron and tag us on social media if you’d like the chance to be featured on our accounts:

Facebook: @BarRayProducts (make sure your setting is “Public” so we can see your post)
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