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Barriers: Why, in Healthcare, They Are a Good Thing!

Barriers: Why, in Healthcare, They Are a Good Thing! 

When you think about barriers or walls, there are lots of inspirational quotes that come to mind—about how we, as a society, typically tear these items down. We generally don’t think of these items as helpful or positive.


However, at Bar-Ray, we take pride in creating barriers, shields, and curtains that are, indeed, protective and vital to the healthcare industry.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, lead barriers “provide protection from penetrating gamma rays and x-rays” and “inserting the proper shield between you and a radiation source will greatly reduce or eliminate the dose you receive.”

In fact, barriers that guard and protect against harmful radiation are utilized in many healthcare procedures involving:


  • X-Rays
  • Fluoroscopy
  • CTs
  • Mammography


Bar-Ray’s lineup of two dozen types of barriers, shields, and curtains allow healthcare professionals the flexibility of putting radiation protection exactly where they need it. This flexibility is especially critical to hospital emergency departments and other trauma care situations.

Bar-Ray’s Barrier Protection Catalog offers:


View the Bar-Ray Barrier Protection Catalog, including specific sizes and measurements, here.


To place an order, contact your representative at 1-800-359-6115 or submit your order request online.  


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