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3DLOOK: A Safer, Smarter Way to Measure

What Is 3DLOOK, and Why Is It a Silver Lining?

Silver linings are unexpected bright spots in an otherwise cloudy or gloomy situation. The innovations we are witnessing amid the COVID-19 pandemic definitely fall into this category! One of those innovations, 3DLOOK, is a game-changer for radiation protection.

3DLOOK is an innovative way to take measurements digitally without contact and translate those measurements into customized, made-to-measurements garments. As a company, 3DLOOK was founded in 2016. As the COVID-19 crisis spread worldwide, 3DLOOK was poised for success in our new, socially distanced world. 

That’s why we jumped at the chance to partner with 3DLOOK. We recognize the incredible value this technology puts at the fingertips of Bar-Ray customers. They’re now able to point, take photos, and easily submit those digitally in place of in-person measurements, which can be cumbersome, subjective, and often prone to errors. 

3DLOOK is being compared to the customized tailormade process—digitally, as a “mobile tailor.” That’s how precise 3DLOOK’s measurements are. 

3DLOOK describes the process like this: “Our proprietary and patented AI-first technology delivers the accuracy of a professional tailor in under a minute.”


How is this possible? 

3DLOOK uses AI (artificial intelligence), including proprietary statistical modeling and 3D matching, to build a unique 3D model of each scanned customer.


What is the end result?

This technology is a game-changer on several levels: 

  • Quick measurements for busy medical professionals
  • Contactless measurements = no touch and no transfer of germs (more important than ever in today’s COVID-19 environment)
  • Accurate measurements = customized garments

As the global leader in radiation protection, when we factor 3DLOOK’s customized measurements into our protective garments, we know we are providing customers with the highest quality products possible.

You can learn more about this safe, precise measuring tool that eliminates the need for in-person fittings here. We’ve even shared a free insider’s look at 3DLOOK. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Open 3DLOOK.” 

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